Swallows Nest

Swallows - Signs of Summer

Swallows are welcome visitors to Ireland. People say it's the first sign of summer. They come in early spring after spending the winter in Africa. Upon returning to Ireland they usually return to the previous years nesting sites. In 2009 I decided to capture this event;

All Swallow chicks left the nest 7th August 2009

Press the Play button to view a short video of feeding the chicks on the nest. I will be adding a longer video shortly to show the life cycle from eggs to leaving the nest.


We have an old garden shed that was due to be knocked down and replaced but every year swallows would nest in it.

This year I placed a webcam facing the nest and hoped that I could watch proceedings







This photo shows the nest built ontop of a cup and the camera (top left) looking at the nest activities.