Bearna Golf Course

Bearna Golf Club, Bearna, County Galway

Set amidst the celebrated beauty of West of Ireland landscape on the fringe of Connemara, and enjoying commanding views of Galway Bay, the Burren, the Aran Islands and tugged hinterlands, Bearna Golf course is already being hailed as one of Ireland’s finest.


The inspired creativity of it’s designer R. J. Browne in the siting of tees and sand based greens throughout more than 100 hectares of unique countryside has resulted in generously proportioned fairways

Water comes into play at thirteen of the eighteen holes.  The final four holes especially provide a spectacular finish to a satisfying and memorable experience.

Bearna Golf and Country Club inaugurated in 1996 is a gender-equity club with 500 memebers.  The Club’s motto ‘Failte and Ceol na Fuiseoige leat’ meaning ‘Welcome, and May lark-song accompany you’ isintended to signal the tranquillity and reception which awaits the visitor on every fairway.  The skylark’s trill, the seagull’s cry, the scampering of the hare into deep rough, the startled flap of wild duck feeding in stream of lakelet, and the jumping of wild trout in Lough Inch or in the The Forbidden Lake are just some things which vie with golf-ball for attention, and bring the player into a more intimate relationship which nature and self.

The Logo. Bearna’s club logo, depicting a weathered tree-limb reclined across a gap inside a small wall of natural stone symbolises the age old but typical boundaries  and entrances to fields of the West of Ireland.  ‘Bearna’ (anglicised ‘Barna’), means any gap or pass, especially a pass through difficult terrain.  In this district the place name derived long ago, probably from the importance to travellers of the narrow nearby coastal passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the formerly impassable higher adjacent ground.

The Clubhouse . The Clubhouse ‘Thawnaghard House’, is approximately 90 metres above sea level and affords views of all but two of the 18 greens.  Here one can enjoy magnificent vistas, be refreshed with a drink or meal, or avail of further leisure facilities.  ‘Thawnagard’, (tamhnach ard), means ‘a green fertile place in high wasteland’ and is the ancient name of a grassy patch of fertile ground.



Bearna Golf Club Corboley, Bearna, Co. Galway, Ireland


Tel: +353-91-592677 / 592756