Giants Causeway

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The Giant’s Causeway is located in County Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, about three miles northeast of the town of Bushmills and close to Carrick a rede rope bridge.

It was formed by volcanic basalt columns cooling in hexagonal formations.

Legend says that the Irish giant Fionn MacCool was challenged by the Scottish giant Benandonner to a duel.  Fionn hides when he realises that his Benandonner is much bigger than him. Fionn’s wife, Úna, disguises Fionn as a baby and tucks him in a cradle. When Benandonner sees the size of the ‘baby’, he reckons that its father, Fionn, must be a giant among giants. He flees back to Scotland in fright, destroying the causeway behind him so that Fionn could not follow. There are 2 versions of the legend but I like this version best.

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