1941 – 1960


History of Ireland 1941 - 1960



  • 28 people are killed when German bombs fall on the North Strand in Dublin.
  • 900 people are killed in a bomb attack in Belfast.
  • The new terminal at Dublin Airport is completed.
  • Irish novelist James Joyce dies in Zurich, Switzerland .
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Kerry (football)


  • US troops arrive in Northern Ireland.
  • The Irish Blood Transfusion Service is founded.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Dublin (football)




  • 1944 General Election
    • Fianna Fáil achieves a 14 seat overall majority.
    • The National Labour Party is formed.
  • Gen. Richard Mulcahy becomes the new leader of Fine Gael.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Roscommon (football)





  • Shannon Airport becomes a duty-free area.
  • The All-Ireland Football Final takes place in the Polo Grounds, New York.
    • Cavan beat Kerry to take the Sam McGuire Cup.
  • The All-Ireland Hurling Champions are Kilkenny.


  • 1948 General Election
  • The government announces that the External Relations Act is to be repealed and Éire is to leave the Commonwealth.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Waterford (hurling) and Cavan (football)






  • The government introduce the Social Welfare Act which increases unemployment and sickness benefits.
  • Sean T. O'Kelly is re-elected President of Ireland.
  • Bord Fáilte is established to encourage tourism.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Cavan (football)


  • Fianna Uladh is founded.
  • Gael-Linn is set up to promote the use of Irish.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Kerry (football)


  • 1954 General Election
    • Fine Gael, Labour and other parties form the second Inter-Party Government.
    • John A. Costello becomes Taoiseach for the second time.
  • The Flags & Emblems Act in Northern Ireland prohibits the display of the Irish tricolor or disturbing a display of the Union Jack
  • Michael Manning becomes the last man to be hanged in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Christy Brown publishes his autobiography - My Left Foot.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Cork (hurling) and Meath (football)


  • Ireland becomes a member of the United Nations.
  • Cork Opera House is destroyed by fire.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Wexford (hurling) and Kerry (football)




  • 1957 General Election
  • Seán South and Fergal O'Hanlon are killed in an IRA attack on a RUC barrcks.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Kilkenny (hurling) and Louth (football)


  • Irish Army soldiers begin a United Nations peace-keeping mission in the Lebanon.
  • The First Programme for Economic Expansion is drawn up by T. K. Whitaker.
  • Aer Lingus begins its first service to the United States.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Tipperary (hurling) and Dublin (football)





  • Irish troops are sent on United Nations peace-keeping missions to the Congo.
  • F. H. Boland becomes President of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  • The All-Ireland Champions are Wexford (hurling) and Down (football)