Genealogy Process

Ireland Genealogy Process

The process of tracing ones roots or family tree in Ireland has proved to be more and more popular over the recent years. You must first gather as much basic information as possible on your ancestors, such as:

1. Name of ancestor who left Ireland

2. Approximate date of birth

3. County and parish of origin in Ireland

4. Religious Denomination

5. Names of ancestor’s Parents

6. Name of ancestor’s spouse, and date and place of marriage

1901 Census


If you enjoy doing your own family research and the chase is as important as getting results. Use the archives in your own country to get as much information as

possible before you leave for Ireland. Use the Internet to gather information on Ireland and its archives.


In general, Irish genealogical sources fall into four

main categories as follows:

• Civil records of Birth, Marriage and Death

• Church records of Baptism and Marriage

• Land/Property Valuation Records

• Census Returns

These are the most commonly used sources. They are also likely to yield more positive

results than limited sources such as land deeds, wills, letters of administration etc.

Please note that spelling of surnames may have changed and this can lead to confusion for example my surname is McKeown yet when I did my research I found that my ancestors spelt their name McKeone - this is different so it is important to check out variations of name spellings or anglicised versions.

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