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Dublin Guide
Halfpenny Bridge

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Name Halfpenny Bridge
County Dublin

The Ha'penny Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge built in 1816 crossing over the River Liffey in Dublin just west of the main O’Connell Street Bridge. Made of cast-iron, the bridge was cast at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire. There are various debates about the actual spelling of the name of the bridge. Originally called the Wellington Bridge, the name of the bridge changed to Liffey Bridge. The Liffey Bridge remains the bridge's official name to this day - though it is still commonly known as the Ha'penny Bridge. Some refer to it as the Half Penny Bridge, others the Halpenny Bridge and the most common is the Ha’penny Bridge (pronounced, hay- pinny) the slang for half penny, the original toll it cost to cross it.          

The toll was increased for a time to a Penny Ha'penny (one and a half pence), but was eventually dropped in 1919. While the toll was in operation, there were turnstiles at either end the bridge.   The bridge was closed in 2001 for renovations and opened again in 2003, freshly painted white. There is now also a boardwalk going from it down along the Liffey on the north side of the river. It is great place to take photographs that produce a stunning background of the city east or west on the River Liffey.