Carnsore Point

Carnsore Point

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Name Carnsore Point County Wexford Nearest Town Rosslare Access Road N25 About The Raven Point and Rosslare Point, which stand at opposite sides of the entrance to Wexford Harbour, are at the extremities of two long sandy peninsulas.

Greenore Point is at the southern extremity of the open Bay of Wexford; and Carnsore Point marks the sudden and final turn of the coast to the west.

This is a place of natural beauty as can be seen from this image.

It is famous for being the proposed location of the Nuclear Energy Plant power plant which was to be built in the 1970s.

The plan would have produced electricity for the Electricity Supply Board (ESB).

Originating in 1968, the Irish Government gave renewed effort to the plans after the 1973 energy crisis.

The plan envisaged one, and eventually four, nuclear power stations, but was (discreetly) dropped in the late 1970s after prolonged and sometimes violent opposition by environmental groups.

A series of free concerts were held at Carnsore Point in 1978 (18-20 August) and 1979.

Titled "Get To the Point" and "Back To the Point" respectively, the concerts were a massive success and served to bring to public notice the whole question of nuclear power in Ireland.

Today, Carnsore Point is home to a number of wind generating stations, run by a subsidiary of the ESB.

It opened in 2003 and consists of 14 Vestas 850 kW turbines for a capacity of just under 12 MW.

It is also the location of a meteorological weather station of considerable importance