Rosses Point

Rosses Point

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Name Rosses Point County Sligo Nearest Town Sligo Access Road R291 More Virtual Tours Click for more About Rosses Point is located about 8 km to the west of Sligo Town, jutting into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a picturesque location and was the summer home of the young W. B Yeats and his brother Jack.

At Rosses Point there remains the house that they stayed in. It has a great view of the coastline.

Rosses Point is a village and is also the name of the surrounding peninsula.

The point guards Sligo Harbour and is marked by the Metal Man lighthouse, a 12 foot (3.7 m) high guardian statue placed offshore by local seafarers in 1821.

Rosses Point is home to Co.
Sligo Golf Club, which hosts the annual West of Ireland Championship, one of the four Major Amateur Championships in Irish golf and is quite a magnificent course that will test the spirit as well as the ability of the golfer.

Stunning views across the coastline and the sentry that is the massive Ben Bulben overlooking the course, makes concentration difficult.

Rosses Point is also home to the Sligo Yacht Club and a host of seafaring activities such as sailing, surfing and fishing are on your doorstep.

The Lifeboat Station is built next to the pier which hosts a number of fishing vessels.

Sea Angling and Boat Charters also operate from here and offer a variety of services including deep sea angling, reef fishing, shark fishing (August-October), Coney Island taxis and eco tourism cruises.

The "Waiting on Shore" monument, appropriately situated near the RNLI lifeboat station, depicts a woman holding her arms out to sea.

This sculpture reflects the age-old anguish of a seafaring people who watched and waited for the safe return of loved ones.

It is to honour the memory of those who sailed, or were lost at sea, that this woman, cast in bronze, stands in hopless forlorn gesture.

Elinsore Lodge was the seat of the Middleton Family where the Yeats brothers spent many a summer with their cousins.
The house was built by the pirate captain John Black (Black Jack), and it is still said to be haunted by him. The house has fallen into disrepair, and even though plans to restore it emerge in the press every now and then, nothing has been done so far.