Carrowkeel Hill


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Name Carrowkeel County Sligo Nearest Town Tobercurry Access Road N17 About Carrowkeel are a range of significant Stone Age passage tombs on a variety of hilltops in the Brickliever Mountains.

These tombs date back to the 2nd millennium B.


They were created as an entryway and burial ground for those entering the after life.

They consist of a dolmen covered with smaller rocks.

Carrowkeel is a Neolithic Passage Tomb cemetery in the south of County Sligo also known as the Narrow Quarter.

Circumstantial dating places the tombs at between 5400 and 5100 years old, so that they predate the Pyramids on Egypt's Giza plateau by 500-800 years.

Carrowkeel is one of the big four passage tomb cemeteries in Ireland (the other three are Newgrange, Lough Crew, and Carrowmore).

Carrowkeel is set on high ground above Lough Arrow, and the tombs seem to be oriented towards the area of Cuil Irra, Knocknaea and Carrowmore.

There are fourteen passage tombs in Carrowkeel.

Some can be entered by crawling through a narrow passage.

Six more passage tombs are located close by in the Keshcorran complex.

A particular type of crude pottery found in passage tombs has been titled Carrowkeel Ware, having first been recorded in the Carrowkeel Monuments.