Ben Bulben Mountain

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Name Ben Bulben Mountain County Sligo Nearest Town Sligo Access Road N15 About Benbulben is Irelands most distinctive mountain and known in some parts as Ireland's version of Table Mountain in South Africa.

It is the result from the different responses to erosion of the limestone and shale of which the mountain is formed.

A hard and resistant limestone forms the upper cliffs and precipices.

Ben Bulben was formed during the Ice Age, when large parts of the Earth were under glaciers.

It was originally merely a large ridge; however the moving glaciers cut into the earth, leaving a distinct formation, now called Ben Bulben.

Many legends and tales have been woven round the almost magical mountain that is Benbulben.

Mysterious shady valleys dominate the landscape in this upland alpine-like region.

You can easily see how this brooding mountain, which rises so steeply from the ground below, could conjure up tales of enchanted maidens, warrior and witches spells.

The poet, William Butler Yeats, had such a love affair with the area that he wrote many poems and prose about Ben Bulben and the Sligo area, Hence, the nickname of the county as The Yeats County.

The poet is buried in Drumcliff Cemetery, at the foot of this unique mountain.