Rathbeg Mound

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Name Rathbeg Mound County Roscommon Nearest Town Tulsk Access Road N5 About Rathbeg Mound is part of Cruachan which was believed to be the ancient capital of the kingdom of Connacht, the seat of Queen Medb and her husband Ailill of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology.

This is the largest complex of a Celtic Royal Site in Europe.

Its site is now known as Rathcroghan, which consists of a low, flat-topped mound surrounded by a complex of archaeological sites near Tulsk in County Roscommon.

There are many sites that were part of the Cruachan capital spread around a large area that encroaches into Longford All of this is of course subjective, as there is no proof regarding any of these claims.

If you head west on the N5, you'll take your first left directly after the Rathcroghan Mound - this will lead you to the Rathbeg Mound, one of the more simple two-sided mounds.

This one is much closer to the road and easily seen.

Once again, it seems to be on private property and had cattle grazing nearby.

Currently the area is being explored by scientists and archaeologists in an effort to determine how these large earthwork mounds were formed.