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Name Oweynagat County Roscommon Nearest Town Tulsk Access Road N5 About Oweynagat is part of the of Cruachan which was believed to be the ancient capital of the kingdom of Connacht, the seat of Queen Medb and her husband Ailill of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology.

The mound is a source of great mythical folklore.

Stories abound of the various destructive creatures that emerged from souterain which leads into Oweynagcat - the cave of Cruachan.

The Ellen Trechen was a triple headed monster that went on a rampage across the country before being killed by Amergin, the father of Conall Cernach.

Small red birds came from the cave withering every plant they breathed on before being hunted by the Red Branch.

Similarly, herds of pigs with similar decaying powers emerged from the cave with Ailill and Medb themselves desperately trying to hunt them but having to deal with their vanishing powers and an ability to shed captured flesh.

The name Oweynagat may come from the magical wildcats featured in "Bricriu's Feast" that emerge from the cave to attack the three Ulster warriors before being tamed by Cuchulainn.