Elphin Windmill

Elphin Windwill

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Name Elphin Windwill County Roscommon Nearest Town Elphin Access Road N4 About Elphin Windwill is one of the more interesting and unusual sights in County Roscommon.

This is detached circular-plan three-stage windmill, originally built c.

1730, and completed restored to its former grandeur in 1996 close to the village of Elphin.

There is doubt as to the origins of the construction, but conventional wisdom suggests that it may have been originally built by local landowner and Bishop of Elphin, Edward Synge, for the purpose of self-sufficiency in providing meal for the local population.

By 1830 the mill was in ruins.

It was sympathetically restored under a three-year project by the FS scheme.

It is an interesting and rare structure of architectural heritage and is a thatched rye rotating roof with four timber sails.

A timber tail pole is connected to roof and resting on cart wheel to ground, used to direct the sail with fixed pane glass to upper storey windows.

There is a modern single-storey ''Windmill Cottage'' to south of mill in use as a Visitor Centre.