Castlestrange Stone

La Tene - Castlestrange Stone - County Roscommon

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Name La Tene - Castlestrange Stone County Roscommon Nearest Town Athleague Access Road R362 About

The Castlestrange Stone is located just outside Athleague on the side of the farm enterance to the grounds of Castlestrange Demesne.

This is a beautifully inscribed Cult stone, decorated with curvilinear ornament and dating to around 200BC.

The design is done in Celtic La Tene style, similar to the Turoe stone which is not far away in Co. Galway.

The Turoe stone is carved in relief while the design on the pink granite Castlestrange stone is incised.

At 60cm high and approx 90cm long, it sits on a round bed of radially placed river rocks which in turn is surrounded by a protective catlle grid. While the function of these cult stones is not clear, it is presumed they had a ritual or religious purpose.