Clonfinlough Stone

Clonfinlough Stone

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Name Clonfinlough Stone County Offaly Nearest Town Athlone Access Road R444 About About 3 kilometres east of Clonmacnoise, near Clonfinlough Catholic Church, is a curious limestone boulder half buried in the ground.

Its surface is engraved with crosses and markings resembling human forms.

They are thought to date from the Stone Age and the patterns resemble similar ones found in Spain and France.

Some suggest the carvings depict a prehistoric battle.

Others suggest that they are artificial and were indented in more recent times.

To get there find Clonfinlough Church; a rough path behind leads over fields to the stone.

Two of the larger depressions have been joined to form what seems to be a footprint.

Several groups of four have been joined with two straight lines to form small crosses.

It is thought that some of the artificial carving may date to the Bronze Age but most of it is Christian.

The carvings are very shallow and are difficult to see except with strong side lighting.