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Name Tydnavet County Monaghan Nearest Town Monaghan Town Access Road R186 About Tydavnet is located about seven kilometres north-west of Monaghan Town in County Monaghan.

Tydavnet is now a picturesque village that once was the location for St Dympna's nunnery in the 6th century.

The name of the village is derived from the Irish Gaelic name of Tigh Damhnata, meaning House of Dymphna.

It is a small village with little or no industry.

Both the Church of Ireland and Catholic Church have Tydavnet named as a parish and in both cases the geographical area is almost identical.

The origin of the name is from that of a 6th century Irish Saint, Saint Dympna, who is thought to have founded a church in the area (generally considered to have been located in the graveyard of the current village Catholic Church).

The village contains one of the three existing Catholic churches in the parish, the others located in Urbleshanny, near Scotstown and in Corlat.

The Tydavnet Catholic Church having originally been erected in 1730 was then rebuilt in the early 1900s.

The village is linked with Gheel in Belgium which also has a strong Saint Dymphna connection.