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Name Clontibret County Monaghan Nearest Town Monaghan Town Access Road N2 About The village of Clontibret is situated close to the border with Northern Ireland, between the towns of Monaghan and Castleblaney, along the N2 National Primary Road, which links Dublin to Derry.

Its village population in 2006 was approximately 300, and this is expected to continue growing.

The wider parish area has a population of approximately 3,000 persons.

The area was recently in the news due to the discovery of gold deposits in the area estimated at 500 million euros, a rumour that has prompted great excitement in the area.

Clontibret is the setting for a battle between the rebel army of Hugh O'Neill from Tyrone and the army of Queen Elizabeth.

It was part of a series of battles called the nine years war.

This one was won by Hugh O'Neill.

The virtual tour above shows a memorial stone commemorating the Battle of Clontibret in 1595.

In this year the adjacent countryside was the site of the Battle of Clontibret.

The territory of Monaghan had been wrested from the control of the MacMahon clan in 1591, when the clan leader was executed by English authority.

Subsequent encroachments by the English in to the province of Ulster led to the Nine Years War (1595-1603).

The battle was the earliest clash between the two sides, with the Irish led by Hugh ONeill and the English by Sir Henry Bagenal.

Although O'Neill won the battle, the war ended with the completion of the English conquest of Ireland.

In 1610, the Plantation of Ulster was established, an event that still defines enormously political allegiances and events in the North of Ireland right up to this day.