Newgrange Burial Chamber


Newgrange is more than 5000 years old and so is older than the Pyramids of Eygypt.
At the entrance there is a beautifully carved stone with various celtic spirals and designs. The mound is about 80 metres in diameter and the stones used to build it are from the Cooley Mountains in County Louth and Wicklow mountains in County Wicklow.
How did the stones get transported here ? It has been suggested that the stones were transported by sea using large currachs (boats built with hazel and leather).

Newgrange burial chamber is situated in the picturesque Boyne valley. On the morning of the winter solstice the sun lights up the central burial chamber and is a sight to behold. Only a few people are allowed in the chamber during this time but crowds gather at the entrance to still see this magical experience. Entrance to the chamber is organised as tours that are arranged from the Bru na Bionne Visitor Center.

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Central Chamber

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