Loughcrew - Loughcrew Cairns - Meath

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Loughcrew, just east of Oldcastle, features a Megalithic Cemetery series of burial mounds, or Cairns, and tombs that experts believe pre-date the Egyptian pyramids by up to 2000 years. Located in three hills, the largest known as Cairn T provides an experience similar to Newgrange with an Autumn Equinox which lights up the main chamber. Loughcrew Cairns are a much under-rated treasure that deserves much more worldwide exposure.

Nearby are the famous Loughcrew Gardens, inside which stand the Family Church of St. Oliver Plunkett, who was born there in 1625.

Charles and Emily Naper run a fantastic school of gilding at Loughcrew Gardens and the entire experience of the a trip to the Gardens is a very fulfilling one.


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