Turlough Round Tower

Turlough Round Tower

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Name Turlough Round Tower County Mayo Nearest Town Castlebar Access Road R373 About The Turlough Round Tower is situated approximately 6 kilometres north-east of Castlebar.

Standing 70ft high it is one of the best-preserved towers in the country.

Tower like these were used as bell-towers and as hiding places for monks and their religious goods in times of attack, mainly from the Vikings.

The Turlough Round Tower of the 9th century is one of the most complete and best-preserved round towers in Ireland.

From the windows near the top of the tower a lookout kept watch for the invaders and when they approached the occupants of the church moved in and brought their valuables with them.

The entrance was high up on the wall so they would climb a ladder and pulled it in afterwards to get into the tower.

The beautiful round tower is a splendid landmark and it reminds one of the golden age of faith.

Turlough is one of the many ancient places associated with St.
Patrick in County Mayo.

Patrick's Church was built in 441 but the Cromwellians, on the confiscation of the Burgo Estate in Turlough, destroyed it in 1654.

The ruins of the old church are still to be seen and it has very interesting stone sculpture.