Knock Shrine

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Name Knock Shrine County Mayo Nearest Town Charlestown Access Road N17/R323 About The Story of Knock began on the 21st August 1879 when Our Lady, St.
Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared at the south gable of Knock Parish Church.

The apparition was witnessed by fifteen people, young and old.

From this miraculous occurrence Knock has grown to the status of an internationally recognized and world-famous Marian Shrine.

The personal pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II in 1979, commemorating the centenary of the apparition, inspired an even greater devotion to the Shrine and endorsed the indelible seal of Vatican approval.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta visited the Shrine in June of 1993.

One and a half million pilgrims visit the Shrine annually.

The church and basilica, which is the largest church in Ireland, are visited each year by thousands of pilgrims.

The airport at Knock was opened in 1986 and is called Horan International Airport, named after Monsignor Horan, the parish priest of the Knock Parish who, with obsessive zeal and admirable political cunning, achieved his vision of Knock as an international pilgrimage centre where pilgrims could visit by air from overseas.

This vision has come true and is now the most visited attraction in Ireland.

Knock airport also has revitalized the Western Region bring industry, tourism and jobs to the area by its presence.