Croom Mill

Croom Mills

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Name Croom Mills County Limerick Nearest Town Rathkeale Access Road N20 About South of Limerick on the River Maigue you will find Croom.

Croom is home to Croom Mill Visitor Centre, which has an excellent craft shop and restaurant.

Croom Mills is situated about 35 kilometres south west of the City of Limerick.

It is a popular attraction for visitors interested in the history and workings of an Irish country mill.

The mill was initially a family-run business which provided a considerable amount of employment in the region, both through the production process itself and in the wider community.

This was facilitated by the need for the farming community to sow, cultivate and reap the necessary crops.

The villagers began to depend on the success of the mill for their livelihood.

The building itself is a sleeping reminder of the life and times of the period from the late 1800s to the mid 1940s, when production ceased.

The Heritage Centre has a range of displays and an excellent audio-visual demonstration of the busy days of the mill.

Visitors can actually try their hand at grinding crops for themselves.

The Heritage Centre also features a restaurant and gift shop.

Definitely worth a stop on any journey.