Sean Mac Diarmadas House

Sean Mac Diarmada's House

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Name Sean Mac Diarmada�s House County Leitrim Nearest Town Killeshandra Access Road R283 About Sean Mac Diarmada, one of the signatories on the 1916 Proclamation, was born near Kiltyclogher, County Leitrim.

As one of the leaders of the rebellion, after the uprising he was imprisoned in Kilmainham jail for the part he played in the unsuccessful attempt top overcome British occupation.

Sean Mac Diarmuida was exectuted on the 12th May, 1916.

His statue now stands at the intersection of the main streets in Kiltyclogher and the cottage where he was born is preserved as a monument to his part in Irish history.

If unsuccessful in itself, the Rising was still the precursor to the events that led to the creation of the Irish Free State, but also partition.

While much Leitrim and Cavan areas were substantially Republican with high levels of Sinn Fin membership, Fermanagh, although it did have a Catholic majority, was included in Northern Ireland under the Government of Ireland Act of 1920.