Prince Connalls Grave

Prince Conall's Grave

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NamePrince Conall's GraveCountyLeitrimNearest Town GlenfarneAccess Road R203AboutPrince Conalls Grave is located on the road to Glenfarne and is a passage grave which dates from the 2nd millennium B.C.

Prince Conalls Grave and other monuments at Carrowkeel are unusual monuments that seem to be a mixture of traditions of megalith building.

Some megalithic sites cannot be classified because so little of the monument is still standing.

However, some monuments do not conform to modern day typologies.

Prince Connell's Grave, and is a long cairn, rather than being circular and it contains a passage tomb on its north end with a court area at the south end with no evidence of this court leading to a gallery.

It is a hybrid, a blend of the court tomb and the passage tomb.

Located in Corracloona townland on an elevated peat covered sandstone area with great views overlooking Lough MacNean, the origin of the name is unknown but there are a number of Conalls in the Annals that had royal lineage.

The site was known as the 'Grave of the Great Gallagher,' a Donegal bandit who was apparently killed by people of the area.

It has been described as a court tomb, wedge tomb and even as a passage tomb but it does not fit within any simple classification and in some ways is a unique monument type with close similarities to court tombs.

It consists of a D-shaped cairn defined by upright stones and drystone walling, containing a single megalithic chamber with a displaced roofslab.

The entrance stone is not set in the ground and it is this stone, with its kennel-hole entrance, that makes the monument unique.

There is debate whether this kennel-hole was man-made or resulted as a natural break in the stone.

A porch or court area is outside the entrance and opens to the south west.

The site was reconstructed somewhat in 1953 following an excavation there, which uncovered Neolithic hollow scrapers, thumb-nail scrapers, a leaf-shaped arrowhead, all flint, and some coarse pottery without any human remains being found.

Prince Connall's Grave is located on the west side of the R281 about half way between Glenfarne and Kiltyclogher.

It has a stile and is signposted on the road.

Park safely further along the road and walk back to the site.

Grid reference: 199760/342920. acknowledges with thanks the information supplied for this article by Breifne