Lough Melvin

Lough Melvin

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Name Lough Melvin County Leitrim Nearest Town Sligo Access Road A509 About Lough Melvin is located in the north of County Leitrim and takes in parts of County Fermanagh.

It has the ruins of McClancy's Castle on a small island on its northern shore.

At the southern end of the lake near Rossinver there are scenic walks with waterfalls.

Lough Melvin is internationally renowned for its unique range of plants and animals.

lake covers an area of 2000 hectares and is famous for its early run of Atlantic Salmon.

In relatively pristine condition, the lake and surrounding catchment area is valued for its recreational, heritage and environmental values by anglers, tourists, scientists and the local community.

A variety of otter and other waterside animals are among the many species that live in or around the lake.

Within the catchment, the endangered globeflower, Molina meadows and sessile oak woodlands can be found.

The lake and surrounding shore has a diverse floral population but the main interest is the unique fish community to which its supports.

You will find examples of an Arctic-Alpine element of the Irish fauna occurring in this area making it unique.