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The Pipers Stones

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Name The Pipers Stones County Kildare Nearest Town Ballymore Eustace Access Road N81/R756 About The Pipers Stones are a circle of stones from the Megalithic Period located in south east Kildare, near the border with County Wicklow.

Also known as Brewel Hill, the town land is officially known as Broadleas.

The Piper's Stones are a stone circle of contiguous, low boulders some 30 metres in diameter.

Legend has it that the boulders represent the scenario of a festival of pipers making music and dancing in a circle on a Holy Day in the Megalithic calendar.

Such activity was strictly forbidden on a Holy Day and the anger of the Gods at this blasphemous behaviour was so great that they turned the pipers into stones.

Ossification of participants in drunken, musical and probably sexual orgies on the Sabbath was considered the gravest of sins and was common mythology in other parts of Ireland, particularly Wicklow and the north of the country.

The Pipers Stones circle at Brewel Hill is not dissimilar to a similar circle found at circle at Kilmakee in County Antrim.

At Athgreany, in the County Wicklow foothills, not far in distance from Brewel Hill, is a similar, but larger layout of stones, representing dancers and a piper, all ossified on the spot for violating the Sabbath with lewd activities.