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Name Ballitore County Kildare Nearest Town Castledermot Access Road N9 More Virtual Tours Click for more About Ballitore is located in south Kildare 42 kilometres from Dublin.

The village has been associated with The Society of Friends (The Quakers) since the end of the seventeenth century and it still retains a spirit of simplicity and modesty consistent with Quaker values.

The Quakers from Yorkshire, transformed the valley into rich fertile farmlands, and developed the town as a Quaker Settlement.

In fact, Ballitore is the only planned and permanent Quaker Settlement in Ireland.

Ballitore is the home to several historical buildings.

The Meeting House was built around 1708.

It is the home of Mary Shackleton Leadbeater that is, today, being restored.

A daughter of the master of the Ballitore School, Mary demonstrated an early ability for creative writing and in 1791 married William Leadbeater, former pupil and teacher at the school.

Through her writings, she describes the events and characters of the Ballitore of her lifetime.

In 1975, the house was restored and has served as a library and museum since then.

The museum, which is incorporated into the library, contains a selection of artifacts and memorabilia of a mainly local nature.

Items of a Quaker interest also feature and include a wedding dress and bonnet, worn by Marian Richardson (nee Wakefield) at Ballitore in 1853.

In the entrance hall are the door and lintel stone from the original Shackleton home at Harden in Yorkshire which was built in 1660.

The Shaker Store has on permanent show the largest selection of Shaker Furniture in Ireland.

Visitors can see the beauty and simplicity of Shaker design at its best.