Dunbeg Fort

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Name Dunbeg Fort County Kerry Nearest Town Dingle Access Road R559 About As you travel out from Dingle on the Slea Head Drive, you will encounter Dunbeg Fort some 15 kilometres from Dingle.

Dunbeg Fort is considered part of the Fahan group of Beehive huts.

This small but well-defined fort is located on a sheer cliff promontory which projects south into Dingle Bay at the base of Mount Eagle.

The defences consist of four lines of banks, five fosses and an inner drystore rampant with a complex entrance flanked by two guard chambers.

A south terrain extends under the causeway from this entrance and in the interior is a single beehive.

The fort dates back to the Iron Age.

Dunbeg Fort is an impressive and elaborate example of a promontory fort.

Its location makes it one of the most dramatic archaeological sites on the Dingle Peninsula.

It is built on a sheer cliff which projects south into Dingle Bay, at the base of Mount Eagle on the Slea Head Road.

The Visitor Centre above the Stone House Restaurant features a 10 minute audio-visual presentation on the history of Dun Beg Fort.

The Audiovisual is available in a few different languages; including English, Irish, French, German, Spanish and Italian.