Turoe Stone

Turoe Stone

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Name Turoe Stone County Galway Nearest Town Loughrea Access Road R350 About The Turoe stone is a granite stone decorated in a Celtic style located in the village of Bullaun, County Galway, 6km north of Loughrea town.

The stone is now positioned on the lawn in front of Turoe House, set in a concrete base and metal cattle grill.

The top half of the stone is covered with a continuous abstract La Tene style design similar to that on the Castllestarnge Stone in nearby Roscommon.

Concentric spirals are carved in low relief to the depth of about 3cm.

Some claim that the carvings on the stone, were they spread out on a flat surface, would equate to a primitive globe map.

Alternatively it is seen as a phallus, the band below the glans representing the rolled foreskin, and the spirals possibly semen.

The stone is 3ft tall and somewhat phallic in shape.