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Name Spiddal County Galway Nearest Town Galway City Access Road R336 About Spiddal is one of those villages in Galway which when mentioned in conversation throws up a chorus of approval and great memories of time spent there.

It seems that anybody who ever visited had a great time and there is a rush to share experiences.

This beautiful village is situated on the shore of Galway bay, 19 km (12 miles) west of Galway City.

Spiddal is located on the edge of the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking district), and is a tourist centre with a sandy beach and shore fishing.

Thousands of tourists visit the area every year, particularly from continental Europe.

Every summer, groups of teenagers come to Spiddal for 13-week Irish language (Gaelic) courses.

Signposts are in the Irish language exclusively, as elsewhere in the Gaeltacht,.

The TG4 studios are located in Spiddal.

On most weekend nights and sometimes during the week in summer time there is live traditional Irish music in the pubs.

Hughes' pub in the centre of the village hosts traditional music sessions where famous musicians sometimes play.

The Boluisce, named after a local lake, is another popular pub-restaurant for seafood.

Once a year, Spiddal welcomes 2,000 American students spending a semester abroad at the nearby Park Lodge Hotel.

The students, from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in Collegeville Township, Minnesota, spend the autumn months studying Gaelic literature and culture.