Eyre Square

Eyre Square, Galway

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Name Eyre Square, Galway County Galway Nearest Town Oranmore Access Road N6 About Eyre Square is the heartbeat of the beautiful city of Galway.

The square is actually a public park that is within the city centre, adjoining the nearby shopping area of Williams Street and Shop Street.

The park is rectangular, surrounded on by streets that form the major traffic arteries into Galway city centre although the West side of the Square was made a pedestrian zone in 2006.

Even with the noise of the city traffic and the proximity of all the humming activity that only Galway gives off, it is a little oasis in the chaos of life where one can escape for a little bit me time.

The plot of land that became Eyre Square was officially presented to the city in 1710 by Mayor Edward Eyre, from whom it took its name.

In 1965, the square was officially renamed "Kennedy Memorial Park" in honour of US President John F.

Kennedy, who visited Galway city shortly before his assassination in 1963, but it really always maintained the original name in everyday use.

A redevelopment work of the square began in 2004.

There was some controversy when it was reported that the building contractors had left the site and were not returning.

The square reopened on 13th April 2006 after costing 9.6 million to finish, way over original budget.

The finished square received Irish Landscape Institute Design Award in 2007.