Derryclare Lake

Derryclare Lake

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Name Derryclare Lake County Galway Nearest Town Letterfrack Access Road N59 About The awesome beauty that is found in the Connemara Region is captured perhaps best by the beautiful Derryclare Lake, which for generations has been a source of inspiration for artists and writers from all over the world.

Derryclare Lake is situated just before Letterfrack village, set in the heart of the famous Connemara National Park.

Situated in the West of Ireland, in County Galway, Connemara National Park covers some 2,957 hectares (7,250 acres) of scenic mountains, expanses of bogs, heaths, grasslands and woodlands.

Derrycalre Lake is one of a multitude of highlights for the senses to assimilate.

Derryclare Forest, surrounding Derryclare, lake is made up of approximately 2,850 hectares of forest properties spread over a wide area.

These properties include Athry, Cloonacarton, Illion East, Shannaunnafeola, Derreen, Kylemore, Culiaghmore, Derryclare, Glencorbet and Finnisklin.

The two largest of theses are Derryclare and Kylemore Woods.

These forests provide wonderful walks and trails around the perimeter of the lake and there are parking and camping areas available.

If tranquility is what you need for a little while, then Derryclare Lake will lift the world from your shoulders.