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Sample Ireland's delicious export at the Guinness Storehouse

Guinness fans now have the opportunity to learn all about Ireland's most famous export thanks to an entertaining and informative exhibition. Visitors using car hire services can stop off at the Guinness Storehouse located in the city to see how the well-known stout is made. As well as finding out about the fermentation of the drink, the attraction offers holidaymakers the chance to sample different brews of the beverage and many other activities.

The Guinness Storehouse building itself is a point of interest as it has been renovated on the inside to resemble the shape of a pint glass. Many visitors choose to finish their seven-floor tours of the attraction by enjoying a complimentary pint of the drink from the buildings elevated bar. Constructed in 1904, the Storehouse has been an integral part of Dublin and over the years it has expanded to export the drink all over the world. Tourists wishing to learn how Guinness is made can attend tours at the attraction that show how just four ingredients – barley, hops, yeast and water – combine to produce the delicious beverage. The process is illustrated using computer technology so visitors can see exactly how the ingredients are transformed into the drink. In addition to seeing the technique used to create the drink, holidaymakers can also get to try different samples of Guinness.

As visitors move through the tour they are also treated to an exhibition on the drink's long history and the successful efforts of the brewery's original owner Arthur Guinness to export it around the globe. The attraction details how Mr Guinness signed the 9,000 lease for the site where he first brewed the beverage in 1759. As well as learning about the drink's history, tourists can also see the amazing artwork that has gone into promoting it over the years. The tour relives some of the export's most famous characters that have helped to raise its profile, such as Toukie the Toucan, who was the brainchild of John Gilroy.

After strolling around the exhibition, visitors who have worked up a thirst can continue to the highest floor to the Gravity Bar. This offers stunning views of the city, which many choose to enjoy with a pint of the stout. Food and refreshments are also on offer via the Source Bar and Brewery Bar with different brews of Guinness and traditional Irish dishes on the menu. In addition, extra entertainment has been planned at the Guinness Storehouse this year in honour of the drink's 250 th anniversary.