Poisoned Glen

Poisoned Glen, County Donegal

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Name Poisoned Glen, County Donegal County Donegal Nearest Town Letterkenny Access Road N56 About The "Poisoned Glen" lies to the southwest of County Donegal, and is a startling contrast to Glenveagh.

It has no vegetation of any kind, and is a weird, savage canon ending in a cul-de-sac.
It looks uncanny and forbidding, and seems as though it might be possessed, giving the visitor a creepy feeling as he drives through its gloomy defiles.

No animal or bird is ever seen within its confines, as its barren sides will not support life in any form, hence the appropriate name given to it.

Gartan Lough is seen a few miles to the south beside the village of Dunlewy.
It is celebrated for its fine views and its fishing, and as the birthplace of St. Columba, who was born just where a ruined chapel now stands and which was originally erected, it is said, to mark the spot.

Patrick made a pilgrimage to this place in 450 A.D.