Malin Head

Malin Head

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Name Malin Head County Donegal Nearest Town Cardonagh Access Road R244 More Virtual Tours Click for more About Malin Head is a part of Donegal which is famous for its rugged coastal scenery and lovely beaches.

It lies on the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula and is the most northerly point in Ireland.

The area is steeped in history and folklore.

Malin Head is a place for all tastes, including walking, fishing, swimming, photography, studying rock formations or rare flora, and is near Inishowen's five magnificent golf courses.

From the moment you enter the Malin Head area via the coastal road, along the north of Trawbrega Bay, you will find the largest sand dunes in Europe at Lagg.

From Knockamaney's Ben's you can view the famous Five Fingers Strand.
At low tide you can see the wreck of the Twilight which sank in 1889, on route from Newfoundland to Derry.
On a clear day you can see Tory Island to the west.

You will find at Bamba's Crown, Ireland's most northerly point, the Tower, which was built in 1805 as a Lloyds Signal Station.

In its early days this was a major news link between America and Europe and was considered strategically very important to the Allies during the Second World War for the transmission of military information.

Here you can picnic on the last headland before Greenland, and it is a wonder to behold, regardless of the weather.

From here, Inishtrahull Island is visible, and also Scotland on a clear day a haven for professional and amateur painters alike.

Malin Head is a favourite spot for bird watchers, most importantly it is one of the few places in Europe where you may hear the illusive 'Corncrake'.

It is also an ideal vantage point from which to view the Autumnal movements of seabirds such as gannets, shearwater, skuas, auks, etc, on their epic voyagesYou will not hear a weather forecast in Ireland without the mention of Malin Head.

It is embedded in the memories of anybody who depends on weather information for their living or indeed hobby.

Met Eireann, the National Weather Service of Ireland, has a prominent base there.