Beal Na mBlath

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Name Beal na mBalth County Cork Nearest Town Clonakilty Access Road R585 About

Beal na mBalth is one of the most famous locations in Irish history. It was here in August 1922 that Michael Collins, one of the most charismatic leaders in the history of Ireland and Commander in Chief of the National Forces, was killed in an ambush whilst on a tour of inspection of the Free State troops in his native Cork.

His stubborn insistence on taking a journey that was unecesary and dangerous over ruled the advice of his own experienced comrades by stating that he would never be killed by his own native people of Cork had fatal consequences on an August evening.

Beal na mBlath is situated between the small village of Crookstown and the village of Cappeen on the R585 on the main Cork - Killarney Road (N22) about 70km west of Cork city.

The nearest lare towns are Macroom and Clonakilty in which a statue of "The Big Fella" as he was known was erected.

Michael Collins The Film was released in October 1996, directed by Neil Jordan and starring Liam Neeson as Collins, along with Julia Roberts, Aidan Quinn and a host of notable Irish actors.

It caused controversy and divided critics in its portrayal of the events of the time and of Collins himself.

Jordan claimed that he set out to make a movie based as closely as possible on true events but primarily as a means of entertainment.