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Name Scariff County Clare Nearest Town Killaloe Access Road R352 About Scarriff is a small town in east County Clare.

The town is on the western end of Lough Derg and is best known for its harbour.

The Scarriff Market House is easily recognizable, and it is therefore often used to represent the town.

Little is known of the Scariff area in pre-Christian times.

However, the presence of the remains of a wedge tomb at Cappabane tells us that the area has been inhabited for at least 4000 years.

Scariff as a town developed around the castle and its growth was helped by the presence of a smelting furnace which operated there.

It is shown on a map of the Down survey in 1655.

The last century however, saw the town begin to prosper with the addition of services that allowed the town to become more of commercial centre, reflecting its growing importance as a market town.

As well as improved road connections, the Dock provided vital trade links and Scariff enjoyed its position as the business centre of north-east Clare.

A large chipboard factory is now located in Scarriff, and the dock is now a marina catering to the needs of pleasure crafts on Lough Derg which bring valuable business to the town particularly during the many festivals organized there during the summer months.