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Burren Dolmen - Blacklion

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Name Burren Dolmen, Blacklion County Cavan Nearest Town Blacklion Access Road N16/A4 About The Burren Dolmen is situated in north County Cavan, near the border town of Blacklion.

This is on of the best constructed dolmens in Ireland.

Approached from a track running south from Tullygobban Lough into dreary conifer plantation, this tomb is a fine, large and well-preserved example with a gallery over 7 metres long, divided by a high septal slab into a long portico and a large main chamber.

The portal stone is well over 3m tall, so when the capstone was in place this would have been very imposing.

The gallery is covered by 5 roof stones, 3 of which cover the main chamber, and one of which has chock-stones.

The front capstone has a series of depressions which may be artificial cup-marks.

Two of the front orthostats on the faade lean together to form a triangular entrance to the antechamber.

The septal slab has a gap at the bottom of the north end which seems artificial.

The tomb resembles some of the large gallery-tombs (alles-couvertes) of France, and is well worth the trouble of searching for.

It can also be approached from the county Fermanagh side, via a lane leading south west from the Marlbank Scenic Loop to the forest fence.