Bushmills Distillery

Bushmills Distillery

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One cannot explore the Antrim Coast without calling to the world renowned Bushmills Distillery in the small town of the same name. Located in the heart of the Giant's Causeway at the most northern part of Ireland, the old Bushmills Distillery is truly a legend amongst distilleries. Over the past four centuries, the art of distillation has largely remained the same up to today, ensuring that all whiskeys from the Old Bushmills Distillery retain their distinctive taste. Bushmills holds the oldest license for whiskey distillation in the world. On April 20th, 1608 King James 1st granted the Governor of Ireland's Ulster province, Sir Thomas Phillips, a licence to distil in the Bushmills area.

Today, Bushmills is the second biggest selling Irish Whiskey in the world and remains a community of whiskey makers, a village in the heart of Ireland's corn country where the distiller's craft has been preserved against all the odds in order to produce the original and best Irish Whiskeys.

It is the only Irish whiskey where all stages of production are still conducted under one roof, guaranteeing the consistently high quality demanded by consumers around the world. Bushmills produces a family of malt and blended whiskeys with a wide range of flavours, but all retain the same Bushmills qualities: they are sweet with a soft, pleasant mouth-coating texture - and they all balance depth with finesse.

At the distillery there is a Visitor Centre which takes you through the whole process of distilling and is not to be missed. They even let you taste some samples!