Bless This Pub

I saw this in a local pub over the Christmas Holidays.

Bless This Pub

Bless This Pub O Lord we pray,
Keep it open night and day.
Bless the Lager and the Stout
By the neck or as poured out.
Bless the people here within,
Give them tonic with their gin.

Bless the bar helps either sex
Keep them free from bouncing cheques
Bless the half when cold or hot
Whether on the slate or not
Bless the vodka and the beer
Lord it's getting awful dear

Slow me up on rum and coke
When you find I'm getting broke
Bless me when the going's hard
Re-instate me when I'm barred
Bless them all now come what may
And see them home at the close of day.

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