Look Around Ireland is website dedicated to give users from both at home and abroad a virtual tour of Ireland using the latest technology such as interactive 360 degree images. The website has taken a number of years to create and is always an ongoing project of improvement.

Each county is treated equally with no bias towards the more familiar "tourist counties"

The locations contained within the site are a mixture of well known sites and some are hidden secrets.

USA: During the summer of 2003 Look Around Ireland was invited to the Milwaukee Irish Festival WI, USA to "show off Ireland" in their Culture Tent and they were also asked to judge the Irish photo competition. More Info

Youtube: Look Around Ireland where given permission from Michael Londra (lead singer of Riverdance on Broadway) to combine his tenor voice with their images of Ireland. A youtube channel was created and it boasts being among one othe the most favoured channels in the Travel and Events section globally. The Danny Boy video has had over 4 million views from viewers all over the world. Click here for Youtube Channel

Facebook: Look Around Ireland can also be found on the popular social networking site Facebook. A great way to interact with users and currently there are over 3000 fans on Facebook to our Look Around Ireland page. Click here for Facebook Channel

Enjoy the memories of Ireland !